Where Are You Going?

Welcome to Medicine Wheel. You have probably come here because a young adult in your life is struggling. Or perhaps you are that young adult. Medicine Wheel’s wilderness therapy program for young adults can help you find answers to the struggles in their lives.
Some young adults may struggle with substance abuse, addiction, emotional disorders, behavioral issues, trauma, or other issues. Whatever those struggles may be young adults find help and healing in wilderness therapy.

Medicine Wheel at RedCliff is a wilderness therapy program designed specifically for young adults 18 and older. Wilderness therapy is a proven method of effectively dealing with the obstacles many young adults face in their failure to launch into responsible adulthood.

Medicine Wheel at RedCliff was created to address the unique needs of young adults. We understand they have chosen to be in wilderness therapy. Our mission is to help them, as a young adults, find their passion, define their success and re-engage in life.

Our wilderness therapy model isn’t easy. Unlike other young adult addiction programs, Medicine Wheel is not a hospital or country club setting. Young adult therapy at Medicine Wheel takes place outdoors in the beautiful high desert plateaus of Southern Utah.

Licensed therapists and trained field guides work with young adults day and night to help them overcome substance abuse and behavioral struggles by learning to recognize their strengths. Young adults who graduate from Medicine Wheel’s wilderness therapy program say it is the most profound experience of their lives.

Whether you are a young adult interested in turning your life around, or a loved one watching from the sidelines, we can help. Medicine Wheel can help turn your substance abuse or other struggles into positive steps to a brighter future.

Call us and let us show you how wilderness therapy at Medicine Wheel can help young adults reclaim their lives.

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at 801-921-8488 for additional information about how Medicine Wheel at RedCliff can help.

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