Are You Where You Want To Be?

Medicine Wheel: A symbol of wholeness and balance used by Native Americans. Each Medicine Wheel consists of four quadrants that make up a circle. Each quadrant represents a different plane of existence: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.

Are you moving in the direction that will get you where you want to be?

Welcome to the Medicine Wheel program at RedCliff Ascent. If you are viewing this page, you or a loved one has most likely hit an emotional and developmental plateau. The maturing process that takes one from their teenage years to that of a responsible, independent, productive young adult has faltered, and life is stalled as a result. One would easily feel lost in such a situation. But there is hope! There is help! You are not alone!

Past Medicine Wheel attendees have attested that there are many roads which lead to this physical and emotional dead end. People in this arrested development state often struggle with hopelessness and discouragement, whether from a failed college experience, relationship problems with parents, or substance use and abuse. Some attendees struggle with depression and anxiety, or are caught up in avoidance behaviors such as social media and gaming. And others are dealing with very intense personal trauma.

Regardless of the amount of time spent in previous treatment settings, or the many lectures from their parents, those who attend Medicine Wheel have decided for themselves that it is time to leave the past behind and move in the direction that will get them where they want to be.

Medicine Wheel at RedCliff Ascent is a wilderness therapy program designed specifically for young adults 18 and older. Unlike other young adult therapeutic or rehab programs, Medicine Wheel is not a hospital, halfway house, or country club, but a therapeutic outdoor experience in the beautiful high desert plateaus of Southern Utah.

Wilderness therapy is a proven method of effectively dealing with the obstacles many young adults face during their “failure to launch” into responsible adulthood. Those who enroll have chosen the unique wilderness therapy setting because they see the value of wide open spaces, a healthy diet, clean air, being “unplugged”, and recreational exercise.

Licensed therapists and trained field guides strive to foster a caring and compassionate atmosphere for young adult therapy. They work with each young adult day and night to help them practice and internalize emotional regulation skills while navigating issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship struggles. Attendees work on clinical issues in the back country and learn to gain competence and succeed by mastering their clinical assignments. Those who transition from Medicine Wheel’s wilderness therapy program say it is the most profound experience of their lives.

Whether you are a young adult interested in turning your life around, or a loved one watching from the sidelines, we can help. Our mission is to assist you or your loved one in finding their passion, defining their success, and re-engaging in life. Medicine Wheel can help turn current obstacles and struggles into positive steps toward a brighter future.

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at 801-921-8488 for additional information on how Medicine Wheel at RedCliff can help.