Weekly Therapy Phone Calls

Clients may choose whether or not they wish to have their parents participate in weekly family therapy sessions. For parents who are authorized, the client’s clinician will contact them within three days of the client’s arrival at Medicine Wheel to arrange a weekly communication schedule. . Regular, consistent communication via telephone and email will be important to make sure parents and clients get the greatest benefit from the wilderness therapy experience.

A formal family therapy session will be held once a week at a time that works best for the family. These sessions are designed to help parents evaluate the client’s therapeutic progress, address any questions or concerns, and educate them on how to break relationship patterns that are detrimental to the family and the client. These weekly phone calls keep parents informed of the client’s progress. They will also help parents prepare for the next step in the client’s therapeutic journey.

Although family therapy is held once weekly, authorized parents are welcome to phone or email their child’s clinician as often as necessary.

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