The way a parent communicates with their young adult is essential to disrupting the client’s pattern of control. Strategic letter writing is an important part of therapy.

At Medicine Wheel,  parents are required to communicate with their child via letters throughout the duration of the client’s wilderness therapy program. Parents have the option of e-mailing their letters to the clinician, who will then give it to the client, or sending the letter via the postal service. Clients may choose whether to send their letters via the U.S. Postal Service, or to have their hand-written letters scanned and emailed to their parents.

Your clinician will guide you as you navigate the first difficult weeks and give you suggestions on how to strategically maximize your letters’ impact. The clinician will discuss with you how to provide appropriate encouragement and support for your young adult while still directing the relationship. Your child’s clinician will also help you identify behavioral patterns through your student’s letters.

This communication is individualized according to the needs of the client and the family. It forms an essential foundation for a new, healthy relationship between parent and child.

As adults, clients may communicate with whomever they choose.  Mail is never restricted.

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