Personal Responsibility

One of the underlying issues of the majority of our clients is the resistance to taking responsibility for their own lives.  They have become very adept at forcing others to care for them through guilt, manipulation, substance abuse, etc.  Rather than face the fears or pain associated with growth, they expend all of their energy avoiding it.

Our goal at Medicine Wheel is to disrupt the patterns of resistance and help clients take responsibility for their own lives.  From day one, clients are responsible for their own gear and equipment.  They cook their own meals, construct their own shelters, and manage their own time.

Therapists, guides, and other students are available to assist, but only to the point of matching a clients own efforts.  Each client is responsible for completing their phase work  and ensuring that proper signatures are received from their guides or therapists.  There is no one else to blame if an assignment is forgotten, or not completed appropriately.

With the old patterns of avoiding responsibility disrupted, clients quickly realize that they must rely upon themselves to make it to graduation.  Once this realization occurs, clients become more engaged in the program, progress through the phase work, and genuinely participate in therapy.

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at (800) 898-1244 for additional information about how Medicine Wheel at RedCliff can help.