Medicine Wheel’s curriculum is tailor to the individual needs of our clients.  It consists of five sections or “phases.”  Each phase includes writing assignments, community work, and hard skills.

The written work is an opportunity for clients to examine different aspects of their lives.  It begins with childhood and moves through adolescence and adulthood before examining the mentors and influential people in a client’s life.  Throughout the written portion of each phase, clients piece together their autobiography. They learn to critically analyze events that transpired throughout the week and develop the language of Transactional Analysis.  These assignments are reviewed with the client’s therapist during their weekly session.  If the client chooses, his/her family may also participate in this portion of the phase work through the Parent Narratives.

Community work takes on many different forms throughout the phase work.  Clients are expected to participate in camp chores each day and offer constructive feedback during groups.  Additionally, phase work may require a client to lead a group, give an oral presentation, or mentor another client throughout the week.  Guides make time each week to share their observations and process the client’s interactions with community members.

Clients must demonstrate proficiency at several hard skills in order to successfully complete their phase work.  These skills include tying a variety of knots, building shelters, making friction fires, building traps, and navigation.  As clients struggle to master each skill they learn patience, humility, and how to deal with frustration.  Guides and clinicians process these emotions with clients and offer assistance when appropriate.

The phase work culminates with the “Kiva Council.”  This special ceremony places clients in front of their peers, guides, clinicians, and program administrators.  Clients review the events that lead them to Medicine Wheel, share insights they received during their time here, and outline a plan for the next phase of their lives.  If the council is satisfied with their work, clients begin preparing for graduation.

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at (800) 898-1244 for additional information about how Medicine Wheel at RedCliff can help.