How We Help

Therapy is at the heart of everything we do at Medicine Wheel.  We believe that whether working on friction fires, completing a writing assignment, or hiking through the mountains, there are opportunities for therapy to take place.  Clinicians and field guides find opportunities to process and interpret these experiences with each client both individually and in daily group settings.

Clients struggling with addiction and recovery will find an introduction to 12-Step work. The wilderness environment is the ideal setting to beginning this journey. There is no better place to come to terms with your place in the world and to connect with a higher power. Isolated from people and places that have previously fed an addiction, clients have a chance to gain strength without former distractions or temptations. While Medicine Wheel’s primary focus is on the first five steps, clients will be introduced to all twelve. This introduction helps clients decide whether or not they want to pursue a 12-step treatment approach after  Medicine Wheel.

We understand that in order for real change to occur, it must come from the individual.  We don”t force or try to coerce change.  As young adults learn to master wilderness skills, they find correlation to challenges in their lives in the “real world.”  These moments of self discovery and personal enlightenment are the most meaningful and powerful.

We understand that in order for real change to occur, it has to come from within. We don’t force or try to coerce clients to change. Young adults are surprised to discover that as they master wilderness skills they find similarities to their ‘real world” lives. These powerful moments of self discovery are far more meaningful than anything forced.

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