Developmental Model

Medicine Wheel clients are young adults who are on a “developmental hiatus.”  They struggle to engage in the natural progression of life.  They watch as their peers transition from high school to college, begin careers, and establish meaningful relationships.  No matter how hard they try, they cannot seem to make the transition from adolescents to adulthood.  Often they  simply give up and resist any forward progression.
Many of our clients may find themselves dropping out or failing college, struggling to hold a job, or withdrawing socially.  Because they are unable or unwilling to engage in life, they expect everyone in their environment to make accommodations for them. This perpetuates the client’s developmental hiatus.

Some of our clients recognize the detriment of remaining on developmental hiatus and actively seek assistance.  Others are quite content to allow others to take care of them while life passes them by.

Through weekly therapy sessions, daily one-on-ones with guides, and phase work, clients begin to recognize the unhealthy patterns they have developed.  Simply being in the wilderness does not change these patterns.  Clients  simply try to recreate their unhealthy relationships and patterns in the group setting.  Clinicians and guides observe these attempts to remain on developmental hiatus. They process their observations with the client and help them develop new strategies to achieve success.

Clients are never forced to capitulate.  We simply offer alternatives to the unhealthy patterns that have been developed.  We offer support and understanding as the unhealthy patterns give way to new understanding and self awareness.

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