Forming A Therapeutic Alliance

One of the most important aspects of treatment success is the ability and willingness of the client to form a “therapeutic alliance” with their individual therapist, as well as the entire treatment team. This process can only happen through the development of healthy relationships. This process defines who we are. One of the main aspects of healthy relationships is having and sharing information about each person, party, or organization. So, in the spirit of establishing a healthy relationship, please allow us to share a little about ourselves, what we do, and why.

Located in the high desert of southern Utah, Medicine Wheel at RedCliff was developed specifically to serve the clinical needs of young adults ages 18 and older. It is recognized as one of the first Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare programs to work with young adults who are struggling to find some direction in their lives. Attendees manifest these struggles in many ways: substance abuse or addiction, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), emotional dysregulation, trauma, ADHD, and gaming or technology issues. The common theme with all of these struggles is that important relationships have been damaged, and healthy emotional development has stalled. Medicine Wheel is an opportunity for young men and women to disrupt and unplug from the thought and behavioral dynamics associated with unhealthy relationships. It is an opportunity to authentically re-engage with life.

Founded in 2001 by our sister company RedCliff Ascent, Medicine Wheel has been a leader in the wilderness therapy industry. The growing need for wilderness therapy beyond the teenage years is a need parents readily recognized, but programs were slow to embrace.

As a clinically based program, the clinicians oversee each step of the process and are in constant communication with guides and administrators to ensure that the most effective treatment is being implemented.

Along with our organizational stability and maturity, Medicine Wheel offers an unmatched safety record and a proven curriculum. Our goal is to help each client find their passion, define their success, and become a healthy, responsible, and productive member of society.