Phone and Mail

Our backcountry setting makes cell phones, computers, and most other traditional electronic devices useless in the field. Access to the outside world is through handwritten letters delivered via the postal service or the client’s clinician. The goal is not to inconvenience clients and families but to provide a therapeutic tool and remove the ability to receive immediate feedback or engage in conflict.

There is no cell reception or Internet access. If your clinician determines that a phone call is a necessary part of therapy, arrangements may be made for a satellite phone to be delivered to the client’s field group.

Writing a letter by hand gives clients, parents, friends and others the chance to think about what they want to say before they actually say it. Emotional outbursts associated with phone calls, text messages or emails are minimized. There is no instant gratification and no power struggle.

Clients are allowed to send and receive mail from whomever they choose. Clients’ letters are never read by anyone at Medicine Wheel unless client extends the invitation to do so. Clients are asked to open mail in front of guides in order to ensure that it does not contain contraband.

Packages and boxes will not be delivered to the field unless arrangements have been made with the clinician. Any unauthorized packages will be securely stored at base and delivered to the client upon completion of the program.
Mail is picked up and delivered at least twice weekly.

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