Why Hard Skills?

Honestly, the likelihood of ever having to make a friction fire or build a shelter outside of the wilderness setting is pretty slim. However, the processes one must go through in order to achieve proficiency in any wilderness skill are invaluable. Much like our daily life, everything a person needs to be successful is readily at hand, but it is up to the individual to put in the time and effort required to take advantage of the resources around them.

The hours spent collecting, shaping and preparing fire equipment may seem pointless, but the work eventually pays off as you sit near a warm fire and cook a hot meal. Similarly, the hours spent attending class, doing homework, searching for a job, or developing a relationship will eventually bring comfort, self-satisfaction and happiness.

Hard skills are inherently difficult. They require patience, self-evaluation, critical thinking, and determination. Traits that many of our clients lack. It may require asking for help or seeking advice from a guide or peer.

Observing a client as they struggle to overcome the challenge of making their first fires is a therapeutic gold mine. Through this experience, we see how a client handles disappointment, frustration, and failure. We get a glimpse at their resilience or insight into how they avoid difficulties outside of the wilderness setting.

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