The Medicine Wheel treatment program began in 2001. As a sister program of RedCliff Ascent, the leader in adolescent wilderness therapy treatment, Medicine Wheel at RedCliff has evolved into a leader in young adult wilderness treatment.

Everything we do in the Medicine Wheel program has a treatment purpose. Whether climbing a mountain or sitting around the campfire, our guides help clients understand the addiction cycle and treatment failure they may have experienced up to now. Licensed program therapists help clients process their treatment experiences in formal therapy sessions each week. Each program clinician is matched to a specific client based on the client’s treatment needs.

In addition to therapy, clients progress through a series of five treatment phases. Each phase involves written assignments that help client’s assess their coping skills and failure to launch into adulthood. Phase work is a very introspective process. Clients learn to develop a therapeutic language to express
themselves effectively. They have opportunities to explore different phases of their lives and critically analyze addiction decisions, relationship failures, and coping processes.

Another key element of the Medicine Wheel program is what is called “hard skills.” Clients become proficient at a number of primitive skills including fire making, knots, shelters, and navigation. These skills have a specific treatment purpose. As they work through each skill, program clients learn to deal with stress, anxiety, and frustration. They develop coping skills. These treatment tools turn failure to launch into commitment to do.

Most therapy clients can complete the treatment program in about 6-8 weeks. Some take a little longer depending upon their willingness to participate in the addiction therapy process.

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at (800) 898-1244 for additional information about how Medicine Wheel at RedCliff can help.