Dear Medicine Wheel staff

It is with pleasure that we can finally fill out a survey for you. Our son returned to New York over the summer with is a bit earlier that we had expected but I am sure that you are aware of the Northwest Academy as well as the other Brown School’s Bankruptcy. That situation was a real blow to him but he had gotten enough from that very excellent program to come back home and get on with his life.

He still talks about your program with great pride. As sick and incoherent as he was, he understood, from day 3 (this is a quote), that your program made sense. It was definitely the turning point in his life. I know that he will have other milestones but this is one that will always be there for him as a foundation upon which he can continue to build.

His only regret is that he was not able to make his own knife. He knows that your program was putting this skill in place and he says it would have been an experience as well. As you know, many of your graduates transition into other programs to continue schooling and emotional growth as did our son. During his time at NWA he shared and compared a lot of his experiences and stories about your program. It is with great pride that he told his classmates that he went to a really hard, but fair, program. His conclusion is that he went to one of the best!