James and Elizabeth

Dear Medicine Wheel Staff,

We have nothing but respect and appreciation for your program. We brought Matt to you to begin his 72 day adventure on October 10, 1998. He was quickly destroying his young life with drugs, running away from home, etc. He graduated for your program on December 21, 1998, and has done very well in the months since he has been back home. He has been working full-time at a fast food restaurant since January, and he has just taken and passed his G.E.D. test. He has been very respectful to us, followed our rules, and is not at all interested in his old friends. If he is not at work, He is at home with us. He is now talking about the future, and possibly sees college ahead; as well as saving for a car and getting his own apartment when he turns 18 this fall.

We feel that your program has very probably saved this child’s life and given us back our son. We are baffled as to how your program works so effectively, but we know it does. We would very highly recommend your program to other parents.

We are also impressed with all the staff we met. They all seemed wonderful with the teenagers in your care and were always helpful and available to us when we had questions and concerns. It is a very hard thing to turn your child over to complete strangers and leave them miles from home in a program we knew almost nothing about, and your staff made that easier for us.
We wish you continued success with your program, and are very thankful.

James and Elizabeth