Dear Medicine Wheel staff,

When we left grad camp at the end of the summer, we certainly had our reservations about what the future would hold, but the ensuing months have been very pleasurable. It took him several weeks to adapt to home and city life again. The first night he asked to sleep outside and then, returned indoors because it was “so loud” out there. He slept on the cement basement floor a few nights before getting used to his waterbed again.

This fall has been very pleasant. We’ve especially enjoyed his relationship with his little sisters and within the family. He is kind and thoughtful, much like the “old” John we remember from awhile back, only now able to do more for them because of his own independence. Speaking of that, he has also maintained a part time job at a small plastics extrusion factory. The balance of school and work has been very good for him. Your Program was a real turning point for John. I am convinced that had we sent him to a more traditional treatment program, we would not have had these results.

He came to your program fully intending to figure out the program and get through it in 30 days unchanged. He was so shocked by what he encountered in the first day there that he was unable to think about faking his way through the program. I believe that was the crucial factor in the change he has made. Obviously, the rest of his 67 days were equally helpful but something about the initial shock seemed to be the key. The real difference I see in him is that the anger he was wrapped up in all those years seems to be gone. We still don’t agree all the time but it’s possible to work through things with very little negative emotions. He is able to see others point of view. Thanks so much for your part in helping give us our son back.