Dr. Dan Sanderson


Dr. Dan Sanderson is a licensed clinical psychologist that has been working in the field of mental health for about 27 years. His experiences range from creating independent living programs for developmentally disabled adults, to in-patient psychiatric hospital work, to private out-patient psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessment, and forensic psychology. Since 1994, Dr. Sanderson has been instrumental in the development of what has become the premier wilderness treatment program in the United States. Although Dr. Sanderson’s initial work in the program required more time hiking trails, fixing trucks, and seeing to student’s physical needs than time spent in psychotherapy, the program has matured to the point where his primary emphasis is in the clinical direction of Redcliff Ascent, and its companion program for young adults, Medicine Wheel.

Dan is the father of five children and consequently has very little time for anything else that is not family-related. He does enjoy a number of physical pursuits in the out-of-doors and is active in Scouting with his son. He will occasionally become active in community theater or other musical involvements with his children as well. During those odd periods where there are no other immediate impingements, Dan would prefer to be riding, driving, repairing or restoring a constantly changing stable of hobby vehicles.